YENİ TEKNOLOJİ ALANLARI MUNA Teknoloji ve AR-GE olarak hayatı kolaylaştıracak yeni teknolojilerin ülkemize kazandırılması ile yeni fikirlerin değerlendirilmesi ve sanayileştirilmesi için çalışıyoruz Türkiye'nin Turizm Geçmişinde
Gurur Dolu Tam 25 Yıl
MUNA İnşaat tarafından inşa edilen ve Türkiye'nin ilk turizm yatırımlarından birisi olan Papillon Muna'dan bu yana tam 25 yıldır ülkemizin "bacasız sanayisi" için çalışıyoruz.

Muna Tourism Construction & Contracting Corp.

47 Years of Experience in Construction, Tourism & Aerospace

MUNA, founded in 1972 as a construction and contracting company, today invests in the 3 biggest pillars of the Turkish economy: construction, tourism and aerospace technology.

Construction & Contracting

Since 1972 we have completed big public contracts such as dams, highways and social structures. We also build and run our own hotels and sports establishments.


We have been running one of the most succesfull tourism investments of Turkey for 25 years under the Papillon Hotels & hosting world class sports clubs in our Papillon Sports Center.

MUNA Technology and R&D

MUNA Technology and R&D department was established in 01 October 2018. Main commercial activity is based on technical consultancy for new technologies.

Our department  provides engineering support and creating required solution sets about new technology areas for companies,  universities, government & military departments.

We aim to industrialize the ideas of young entrepreneurs by providing support in the implementation of new ideas.

We Are Ready For The Future

Our country requests development, richness and welfare from us. Our country requests science and better craftmanship, higher level of civilization, better free speech and personal freedoms. This country deserves to be turned into a paradise for our children and grand children

Turkey's Leading Industry: Construction

As Muna Construction & Contracting, we are proud to have served for 47 years in the construction business of Turkey which as a country ranks 2nd in its share of global construction projects worldwide.

Turkey's Oil: Tourism

We are proud to be one of the leading investors of Turkish  tourism industry with Papillon Hotels brand. We served more than 500.000 guests in our hotels and hosted world class sports clubs in Papillon Sports Center since 1992.

Muna Tourism Construction & Contracting Corp. has succesfully finished many public contracts such as dams & roads since its foundation in 1972. Muna also has served more than 500.000 guests in its Papillon brand hotels since 1992.


Years of Experience




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Our sector-leading investments since 1972 in construction & tourism.


Papillon Zeugma, constructed by MUNA in 2002, with its “Pool Suite” villas and exquisite Reborn SPA, is the epitome of our experience in tourism. With its RELAXURY concept, Papillon Zeugma has received the TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence for 5 years straight, leading to its induction into “Hall of Fame 2018” list.

Papillon Belvil

With its huge aqua and theme park “Papyland”, Papillon Belvil was constructed by MUNA in 1995. Papillon Belvil has received the “Best Family Hotel of Turkey” award from TripAdvisor in 2015.

The Montgomerie Golf Club Belek

The Montgomerie Golf Club Belek was constructed in 2007 by MUNA, with the design ideas of the worldwide famous golfer Colin Montgomerie.

Vision &Strategy

MUNA, in the 2018, regarding the technological changes in the fast advancing global world, has put the digital transformation as the foremost target which will increase the service quality of group companies and improve the workflows eliminating the bottlenecks.

Vision, Mission & Strategy

MUNA, has put the digital transformation as the foremost target which will increase the service quality of group companies and improve the workflows eliminating the bottlenecks. MUNA will also invest more in the future-proof areas such as technology and R&D to diversify its portfolio.

Digital Transformation

As part of its digital transformation project, MUNA has started to upgrade all the infrastructure of its online sites and connected services. Consisting the group companies, MUNA aims to increase its reach to worldwide customers by improving its online presence.